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Love Story

Your brand story should be your "love story" in marketing...  So many brand stories miss the mark by talking about themselves and where they began, blah, blah, blah... Your brand story should connect with people's emotions and desires and should make people fall in love with the idea of what they can become with your product or experience.

Here are 5 points to drive your brand story to telling a love story that will connect with your target market:

    1. Express and acknowledge your customer's perspective and desire first.
      (i.e. In our video, it started with our client's excitement of an idea, not what we do.)
    1. Tell the story of what your customer will become or achieve.
    1. Tap into the human emotions with your brand by connecting with a specific voice and visuals that support the tone of your story.
      (i.e.  In every touchpoint, your brand has an opportunity to connect.)
    1. Understand what you are really selling.  Typically, most are selling a desire or a need, and the product or service should be irrelevant in the story telling.
      (i.e. Target sells "convenience",  "comfort", "beauty"; it's not about the actual cotton balls.)
  1. Influence how a customer will feel and act in the presence of your product or service by driving the brand connection with personal perceptions and desires.
    (i.e. For me, Starbucks represents a "yummy" cup of coffee or a "protein snack" that makes me feel good about my choice.)

So what's your brand story?  Will I fall in love?

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