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  • Branding

    What is your brand story? Not sure? Always start with “why”. Why does your organization exist? As long as you lead with “why,” your brand story will be authentic and easy to recognize. At JUVE, we craft brand stories that connect with people’s emotions, and we design company identities that reinforce the brand story and image. This is branding.

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  • Design

    At JUVE we design graphics, wayfinding, type, promotion, and systems. Design is broad here, but it always starts with empathy and ends with great value and functionality. Do your designs inspire your organization and do they deliver key performance?

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  • Marketing

    Is your marketing increasing your reputation and engagement at your destination? It should be an easy question, it is either increasing attendance, membership, and overall visitor engagement or not. Holding steady in a comfort zone is not growth.

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  • PR

    Our secret sauce is our connections in the media industry. We take pride in our outreach efforts as publishers pay attention to the information our agency releases. We focus on the people we are sending our communication, consider the timing, and personally follow up with ways that the media benefit. Win. Win.

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  • Client: Festival of Arts

    Challenge: Increase Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters gate attendance among younger demographics, while introducing and building engagement through the Pageant's theme.
  • Client: Discovery Cube

    Challenge: One month before their biggest annual event- "Bubblefest," now on its 20th celebration, Discovery Cube (formerly Discovery Science Center) eliminated their internal public relations, and desired a new publicity strategy.
  • Client: Mission San Juan Capistrano

    Challenge: Mission San Juan Capistrano is world renowned for the return of the swallows and visitors flock to this destination for a glimpse of the bird's annual migration to this historic site. However, due to the stabilization of the Great Stone Church Ruins, as well as increased urbanization in the…
  • Client: Burbank Town Center

    Challenge: Burbank Town Center is a large shopping mall that opened in August 1991, and began a $60 million dollar renovation impacting the community, relocating anchor tenants, and low occupancy during construction.  The mall also has no large spaces to host annual community events.
  • Client: Vitality Health Plan

    Challenge: Vitality Health Plan is a new national Medicare and Medicaid program for seniors who speak English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Cantonese, and more.
  • Client: The Collection at Riverpark

    Challenge: The Collection at Riverpark is a large outdoor lifestyle center (over 650,000 square feet), located east of 101 freeway in Ventura County that was under construction and suppose to open in 2008, but was delayed due to the Great Recession.  After almost 5 years of community false starts, it…

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