10 Success Factors of Destination Marketing

1)  Specific targets and benchmark measurements a must.  Destinations and people achieve what they follow and measure.
2)  Cross marketing and cooperative partnerships with diverse group of businesses must be fostered to create beneficial circumstances for all.
3)  For marketing to succeed political unity and consistency is a must.
4)  Destination marketing should always start with a SWOT and current brand assessment.  This includes mission, vision, core groups, focus segments and then positioning is designed.
5)  Definition of the destination brand must be true and embraced by all stakeholders including the community, local residents and ambassadors.
6) Promotional plans should still include ALL marketing communication vehicles.  Eliminating print and increasing online presence will not hit everyone where they live.
7) Maintaining and adding new contact information databases regularly is a necessity for promotion activities to be effective.
8) Strong leadership that evolves and niche specific consultants are key.
9) Creativity, imagination, enthusiasm and action required.
10) Destination branding must be integrated into the local and regional economic development.

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