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BenchmarkMainbenchmark |ˈbenCHˌmärk|
1 a standard or point of reference against which things may be compared or assessed: [ as modifier ] : a benchmark case.

When creating strategic plans and clever campaigns, we don't advise you to compare your business to the competition, but to focus on what makes you different.  To propel the difference of your story, your brand,  your business...  and attract genuine interest. Adhering to your unique selling point is not always easy, especially when you are distracted by what the competition is up to or doing.

So stay the course on your own objectives; don't compare strategies, but think specifically about how your business serves differently and how it can make the biggest impact.

It is the execution that should be measured and compared.   Benchmarking is when you evaluate your business results with industry standards to judge the quality of your efforts and overall position in the market.

To see how your benchmarks compare in your email marketing efforts, check out these industry standards to measure your efforts:

E-mail Marketing Statistics for Arts & Artists:

  • Average Open Rate for E-mail Marketing: 28.25%
  • Average Click-Through Rate: 3.04%
  • Average Opt-Out Rate: 0.86%

E-mail Marketing Statistics for Museums:

  • Average Open Rate for E-mail Marketing: 32.06%
  • Average Click-Through Rate: 7.06%
  • Average Opt-Out Rate: 0.56%

E-mail Marketing Statistics for Education and Training:

  • Average Open Rate for E-mail Marketing: 23.15%
  • Average Click-Through Rate: 3.11%
  • Average Opt-Out Rate: 0.71%

E-mail Marketing Statistics for Entertainment and Events:

  • Average Open Rate for E-mail Marketing: 21.75%
  • Average Click-Through Rate: 2.45%
  • Average Opt-Out Rate: 0.64%

E-mail Marketing Statistics for Retail:

  • Average Open Rate for E-mail Marketing: 22.54%
  • Average Click-Through Rate: 2.95%
  • Average Opt-Out Rate: 0.48%

E-mail Marketing Statistics for Religion:

  • Average Open Rate for E-mail Marketing: 26.97%
  • Average Click-Through Rate: 3.30%
  • Average Opt-Out Rate: 0.23%

E-mail Marketing Statistics for Travel and Tourism:

  • Average Open Rate for E-mail Marketing: 19.08%
  • Average Click-Through Rate: 8.32%
  • Average Opt-Out Rate: 0.71%


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