Reflect the Good

Ironically, our commercial cleaning service of 7 years broke a mirror.

When I complained, they invested a lot of time and money into their response and corrected it with the following:

  • Responsibility for the incident
    (Even though the mirror was leaning against the wall, they still took responsibility for the incident and did not blame me in any way. Excellent.)
  • Obligation to make it right
    (They owned it and felt compelled to fix it. Good.)
  • Correction to prevent disappointment in the future
    (They expressed they would be more careful and even started telling me all about the new improvements they were making. Uh, ok.)
  • Discount to soothe my financial loss
    (Small monetary gesture or upgrade made the present loss sting less. I appreciated it, but it wasn't necessary after everything else they did.)

Yesterday they called me for the first time, and asked me to consider giving them a review on Yelp.  Then I also received a follow up email soliciting a testimonial for their website.  Hmmm....

This got me thinking... We spend a lot of money fighting fires and a lot of time dealing with unfulfilled expectations. Many of us stay focused on fixing and do nothing to help promote the great brand experiences we already deliver to customers everyday.

I'm all for making lemonade out of lemons, but don't you think it's far easier to promote the good we already perform every day rather then tracking down the bad experiences and trying to convert them into fans?

Let's shine it and reflect the good.

Christina M. Haakenson
Founder & Brand Strategist

Christina Haakenson


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