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Instant Assessment

Where do you stand? This instant assessment is designed to identify your museum's strengths and weaknesses in less than 10 minutes, by rating the following questions on a scale of 1 to 5, with "1" being "Least True" and "5" being "Most True". You will receive an immediate report to use as a tool to help grow your museum and meet business objectives.

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Visitor Experience Video

Take less than 2 minutes to watch the video below:
We've been traveling all over conducting Museum Engagement Analyses (MEA) and are rapidly gaining relevant insights that we want to share with you. The MEA is a hands-on, sensory-driven, live process where we document and capture the perception of your museum from the experience your visitor, member, volunteer, and donor.

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Museum Documents Library

Peruse our Museum Documents Library to find helpful resources and templates including Commercial Filming & Photography Permit Application Template, Events ROI Tool, Field Trip Incentive Tips, and more.

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