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Christina Haakenson

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Chief Creative Officer | Branding Strategist | Marketing Intelligence | Client Relations

On a journey to make places travel into the hearts of people...

I inspire and activate destination marketing organizations, such as visitor bureaus, cities, venues, and museums to create brand exciting events and festivals that feature major sports and/or local culture.

My mission is to grow local economies with tourism.

It all began for me probably in kindergarten in Chicago, when I visited "Sue," the most extensive and best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex specimen ever found, on display at the Field Museum... This is my earliest memory of a place that ignited curiosity, imagination, creativity, and the belief that anything was possible.

Before the computer age, I learned design and discovered colors need numbers and strategy for results, which compelled me to climb the corporate ladder for a decade in marketing. After a successful run of branding and marketing Sun Cities across America for Dell Webb Corporation, I was ready to start my own agency, JUVE Creative, Inc.

In 2001, Huntington Beach, California was investing more and developing our city as an overnight destination. As a resident, I was excited to see my home sweet home become the official "Surf City, USA" and even more thrilled my agency lead the branding and promotion efforts.