Ahmad El Samad

Ahmad El Samad


Ahmad El Samad

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Marketing Coordinator

“Success is a journey, not a destination”

I am on a lifelong journey of becoming the best version of myself. To simply be where I am today, I have received so much help. In return, I find fulfillment in aiming for the top while giving back. Summarized, the further I reach and the better I get, the more competently I can help my family, friends, and anyone who can use help. Constant improvement coupled with helping others is my purpose.

Here at JUVE, I am lucky to be surrounded by very kind and experienced people who build me up personally and professionally, exposing me to many sides of their business, and helping me get closer to my long-term goals one step at a time.

I assist with the marketing strategy, manage effective tracking systems, analyze client work, and collaborate with the design department to better synergize marketing and design.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Marketing, and is expected to graduate with a Master of Business Administration: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in May 2020.