Events ROI Tool

Events ROI Tool


We offer free online resources to help museums take action and inspire love for their museum. Download the following resource developed for measuring event ROI. If you have any questions about using this resource or would like to discuss other options for event ROI measurement, please contact us.

Museums should have at least one festival or signature event that reinforces their brand story and/or their category type. For example, Mission San Juan Capistrano has "Return of the Swallows" Festival and La Brea Tar Pits has "Ice Age Encounters". This is an annual affair that should be sold-out every year with standard promotion and execution. Choose programming that naturally connects with your audience based on your museum’s subject. Audit your event or create a new one with the following questions in mind:

a) Does my event reinforce the subject of my museum?
b) Is my event unique?
c) Is my event profitable after expenditures and operational costs?

Review the results of your events with our ROI events tool.

To use this sheet you may download it as an Excel File, or if you have a Google account you can save a copy to your Google Drive for editing.

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