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Results Are In! Compare Your Destination’s Branding to Others Across The Nation

We invited destination marketing organizations coast to coast to take our Branding Management Survey this Summer. The survey is designed to explore your organization's strength in creating, communicating, living, measuring, managing and extending your destination brand. The following are the results to date from CVB respondents across the nation with budgets ranging from less than $250,000 to…
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10 Success Factors of Destination Marketing

1)  Specific targets and benchmark measurements a must.  Destinations and people achieve what they follow and measure. 2)  Cross marketing and cooperative partnerships with diverse group of businesses must be fostered to create beneficial circumstances for all. 3)  For marketing to succeed political unity and consistency is a must. 4)  Destination marketing should always start with a…
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5 Ways to Play with QR Codes for Destination Marketing

We are starting to create more QR codes and see them appear more in traditional advertising efforts.  They are popping up on direct mail pieces, event posters, products, and promoting all types of destinations and fun stuff. < Try our QR code here to request a FREE Mug from us. What is a QR code?…
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