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Reflect the Good

Ironically, our commercial cleaning service of 7 years broke a mirror. When I complained, they invested a lot of time and money into their response and corrected it with the following: Responsibility for the incident (Even though the mirror was leaning against the wall, they still took responsibility for the incident and did not blame…
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Peer Pressure (Branding?)

6th Grader Groms, Surf Brand Ambassadors Have you ever experienced peer pressure branding? Well, my family got a full dose of it last week.  We were invited to my 12-year-old son's first surf banquet, hosted by The Endless Summer surf legend Robert August at Quiksilver's® corporate headquarters in my hometown. My son's coach engaged us…
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The Currency of a First Impression

What do a phone call, a guest sitting in your lobby, a social media post, and an email response have in common? They are each responsible for setting the expectation of your organization's image, and we call these external touchpoints.

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